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Butler University Marching Band playing
Butler University Athletic Bands

What Our Band Members Have to Say

David SextonDavid Sexton, drum major
Political Science / Human Communication and Organizational Leadership 

The greatest benefit of Marching Band is the sense of community that it offers us. When we’re talking to prospective new students, we tell them that you can come into college knowing no one, or you can sign up for Marching Band and instantly have a community of around 100 people who you know and will continue to know.

For me, being a part of Butler University’s Marching Band means growing my own character. It’s a way I’m able to develop my leadership skills, which is something that’s extremely relevant to my academic interests at Butler, but it also allows me to stay in touch with the musical side of myself, which is something that I value greatly. The ability to combine those two has allowed me to develop as a person, it’s allowed me to gain a greater sense of who I want to be and the kind of person I want to be in the world.

Morgan KohlerMorgan Kohler, trumpet
Elementary Education

I’ve been playing a musical instrument since I was 3, and I picked up the trumpet when I was in seventh grade. So I’ve basically done band programs since then. Being part of Butler University’s bands has meant being part of a community. It’s the time of your life. I get two hours almost every day to put aside all of my studies—nothing else matters—and play music with my closest friends. It’s a place where I get to be me in my music realm, but I also get to relax. My closest friends are in band. So if we’re not together in band, we’re together hanging out in someone’s room.

You get to go to all the games for free, you get the perks of traveling, and it’s a lot of fun. And because Butler is such a close-knit community, I am able to pursue passions in seemingly unrelated fields, yet incorporate them all together into my college experience. Music has impacted my life so much, and I hope to use it one day to impact the lives of my students.

Samantha SvareSamantha Svare, drum major
Music Education

I was originally drawn to Butler for the music program and I was overjoyed when I found out that Butler has a marching band because I wanted to continue that into college. It’s been fun to see the differences between high school and college marching band and get to meet people who are passionate about music. They’re from all different majors, and you’d probably never get to meet them otherwise. It’s a diverse group of people.

I was able to come up here a week before Welcome Week. The leadership helped me move into my dorm and we had a session nearly every night to promote bonding among everybody. So it was nice to go into the first week of school knowing people.

I’m doing marching band for fun, not because I’m required to or because it’s part of my major. We’re simply there because we enjoy doing what we’re doing and we want to put on the best show that we can. 

Taylor YoungTaylor Young, piccolo

I love that I can have an escape from the academic stressors in my life. Playing music makes me happy, and the fact that listening to it makes other people happy is so rewarding.

My first year at Butler, I was the only student who had no previous marching experience. Even though I was alone in this, I never felt singled out. We had a graduate student who was so helpful when I was an apprehensive beginner marcher. Whenever there was a break during rehearsals, he helped me go over portions of the routine I was struggling with and better understand the marching drills.

It’s helpful that rehearsals are built into your academic schedule and count as one credit hour. That way, the time I spend rehearsing music outside of practices doesn’t feel like I’m taking away from time I could be doing schoolwork. The best part: Whether we had the best day or the worst day, all of us come together to play and remember that we all share a love for music and for Butler. It builds camaraderie and reminds us exactly why we do what we do.