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A small group of students and a professor sitting in the grass during an outdoor class

Academic Centers

The Center for Faith and Vocation

Center for Academic Technology

The Center for Academic Technology (CAT) provides expertise and leadership in the intersections of technology, teaching, and learning in support of the academic mission of Butler University. We support faculty and staff through consulting and development opportunities and student academic success through the Information Commons program. Visit the CAT website.

Center for Citizenship and Community

The Center for Citizenship and Community (CCC) creates innovative academic learning experiences that extend classrooms into the Indianapolis community-to the benefit of university and community alike. The CCC also develops and nurtures community-based partnerships that immerse students in environments wherein they learn about civic-mindedness, diversity, social justice, and personal and social responsibility. Visit the CCC website.

Center for Faith and Vocation

College is a tremendous time of self-discovery. At the heart of this process is learning the skills of discernment - the practice of reflecting on values, beliefs and energizes. The Center for Faith and Vocation (CFV) provides students with the opportunity to discover what a life of purpose, meaning and contribution means to them. Each student is unique and will follow a different path of discernment. The Center for Faith and Vocation offers programs and services that aid students in the journey of self-discovery. Visit the CFV website.

Center for Global Education

The Center for Global Education (CGE) promotes the comprehensive internationalization of Butler University by connecting students with study abroad and exchange opportunities; enhancing faculty international expertise and engagement; internationalizing the curriculum; developing short-term and semester-long faculty-led programs abroad; building a network of partner institutions worldwide; and seeking external resources to support international initiatives. Visit the CGE website.

Center for High Achievement and Scholarly Engagement

The Center for High Achievement and Scholarly Engagement (CHASE) provides services and support for Butler students who want to enhance their education by pursuing additional opportunities while at Butler and for those who wish to continue their education beyond Butler. The Center houses the University-wide honors program, offers support for students interested in pursuing undergraduate research with a faculty mentor, and provides services for those students writing an undergraduate thesis. Competitive grants are available for participation in the Butler Summer Institute, for students traveling to present research results and for students pursuing thesis research. CHASE also sponsors the Butler Undergraduate Research Conference every spring and coordinates the Washington, D.C., Learning Program. Visit the CHASE website.

Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability

At the Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (CUES), urban ecology comprises both the traditional ecological understanding of the interactions between and among organisms and their urban environment as well as a systems ecology perspective where the city itself is viewed as an ecosystem. These definitions refer to the ecology "in" and the ecology "of " cities, respectively. We recognize the importance and complexity that humans bring to the system. This recognition leads us to be highly interdisciplinary in the way we approach the subject of urban ecology. The Center operates with a foundation in ecological science and facilitates interdisciplinary research and education, place-based projects, and public discourse by engaging Butler students, faculty, staff, and community partners. Visit the CUES website.