Student Conduct

The Student Handbook

The Student Handbook serves as a map of the Butler University community - a reference guide covering a wide variety of topics. All Butler students are responsible to know the University rules and regulations contained in the Handbook. This document also has important information about the University's student conduct system and how we approach allegations of misconduct.

While this Student Handbook is intended to be a fair summary of certain matters of interest to students, its readers should be aware that it is not a complete statement of all procedures, policies, rules and regulations. Butler University has the right to change any procedures, policies or programs that appear in the Student Handbook without notice; and the various colleges and departments of the university may have their own procedures and policies that apply to students.

The Butler University Student Handbook has been published in PDF format. You may also search the document using the built-in search functionality of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please note the Civil Rights Equity Grievance Policy has been updated.  The new version, effective January 1, 2015, is located in section XIII of the Rights and Responsibility section, and can also be seen as a stand-alone document HERE.

Click image below for full PDF handbook, which includes a number of links to various University departmental websites:

 Student HAndbook Cover 2014-15


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