Friesner Herbarium

Publications and Presentations

Friesner Herbarium staff and students have published many articles in peer-reviewed journals and have presented results of research at numerous conferences and events. 

Our two most recent publications are:

Documenting effects of urbanization on flora using herbarium records (Rebecca W. Dolan, Marcia E. Moore and Jessica D. Stephens), Journal of Ecology (2011)

Living More Than Just Enough for the City: Persistence of High-Quality Vegetation in Natural Areas in an Urban Setting (Rebecca W. Dolan, Jessica D. Stephens and Marcia E. Moore), Diversity (2011)

Dr. Dolan's entire list of Publications may be accessed via  This list also contains articles that were co-published with Marcia Moore, Friesner Herbarium Assistant, and with various Friesner Herbarium Student Assistants.