Institute for Research & Scholarship

Institute for Research & Scholarship

The Butler Institute for Research and Scholarship (BIRS) supports faculty research and scholarship, curricular and professional development, programmatic projects and creative works through a combination of internal grants, assistance with the external funding process, and oversight of research compliance protocols and intellectual property issues.

Please note:
In September 2015, the US Department of Health and Human Services released a proposed revision of the "Common Rule" - the federal regulation that governs all IRBs, including the one at Butler.  Among other things, the proposal amounts to a re-appraisal of "risk" as it applies to human subjects research: regulations surrounding clinical trials are to be strengthened, while those surrounding most other types of research will be loosened.  As a part of the proposed changes, HHS is requesting public comment on the proposal between now and December 7, 2015.  Instructions about how to comment, along with the proposal and summaries can be found at  HHS takes public comment seriously, so even if you like everything about the proposal you are encouraged to comment.

Please visit, for a point-by-point comparison between the current common rule and the NPRM proposal.

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